Click on email if you wish to communicate on any of these items.   We use PayPal for shopping cart and payment methods.  The items below are items we've purchased and no longer have a need for.  All items are one owner unless noted otherwise.  We don't ship outside the U.S.  No CODs.  Buyer pays for shipping costs (unless noted otherwise). 

Scuba Bags:
Used. This Dura bag was designed to last forever.  PVC inner frame.  Built in backpack straps.  Excellent travel bag.   Great for reservoir & lake diving! 


Hoses: Used, like new inflator hoses: $25/each  


   Used, like new 2nd stage hoses: $25/each


Used, 1 Pair Cressi-sub 'Frog' open heal fins, XL (Blue).  Great for lake & reservoir snorkeling or diving!


Used, 1 Cressi-sub: Acqua (yellow) with case.  Good mask for those with smaller faces.


Snorkels: Used, 1 Cressi-sub (yellow with purge valve).



Used Tektite Tank Marker.   Why keep buying stick lights for each dive?  Uses single AA battery.  Have blue one with strap shown.  Great for tank, arm or leg attachment.  Battery not included.


Used Tektite Tank Markers.  Why keep buying stick lights for each dive?  Uses single AA battery.  We have one blue, one yellow.  Battery not included.

$14/ each

Weights: Used, Many Hard uncoated weights (10lbs, 4lbs, 2lbs) / $1.00/lb.  Not cost affective to ship.  Sold only for local pickup.     $1.00 / lb
Dry Suit Dryer
Designed by a local Professional Diver.  Circulates air through dry suit to remove moisture.  We sell instructions on how to make the dryer frame from PVC pipe and fittings at your local hardware store or lumber yard.  Requires a hair dryer.

Instructions only: $19.95

Upon verified payment, we'll email instructions in *.pdf format.  Usually within 24 hours.  

Note: I have one used assembled unit with blower that can be purchased locally.  Email for details. 

(Instructions only)